Temple Hair Wear Wholesale Membership

Wholesalers,  join a great opportunity today!!!

 You now have the opportunity to scale your business to the next level while still doing what you love to do which is doing hair. We are giving MEMBERS special prices when you enroll in our monthly membership. 

Here’s how it works:
You get access to membership prices!! Where as before you had to purchase 15 bundles minimum to get at discounted price. Now when you enroll into the monthly membership program you can access these prices and purchase single bundles. We understand sometimes you just don’t have a lot of money to invest at one time. We also understand that your customer deserves the best quality hair, especially if you are taking credit for the work. Why not have the best products at hand. This way you can make extra money on the side and provide the best quality of raw Indian temple hair on the market. This makes you look good as a hairstylist and makes your business look even better. We’ve just made your job easier!! Why? Because we know how difficult it can be trying to find a trustworthy and liable hair vendor that will consistently give good quality products. So here at Temple Hair Wear we have positioned ourselves to be able to provide great quality hair and always stay consistent with great quality hair.

When you enroll for $399.00 and commit to a monthly recurring fee of $99.00 monthly you get access to these prices. You don’t have a minimum to purchase you can purchase how much or less as possible. You are able to purchase online and get these prices. (All out of state customers will be responsible for their own shipping)

If you hurry now we’ll throw in a bonus where you can even get closures and frontals for a discount.
So before you were not able to get closures and frontals at a discount now we will extend our offer by including closures and frontals.





Don’t waste time on making a decision we will only be offering this membership for a limited time. So make the choice to scale your business to the next level and not have to worry about trying to find unreliable sources to give quality products. Also make as much money as you want by reselling to your customers.





Step 1- Pay the $399 One-Time enrollment fee. 



 Step 2- Subscribe for $99 a month- (You must subscribe to finish the enrollment.) YOU WON'T GET CHARGED $99 UNTIL NEXT MONTH.




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