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Temple Hair Wear

Raw Indian Wavy Hair

Raw Indian Wavy Hair

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Raw Indian Wavy Hair

Raw Indian Wavy Hair is our number one seller!

Temple hair Wear’s Raw Indian hair is durable and versatile. Raw Indian Wavy Hair’s luster, texture and wave pattern vary from bundle to bundle since the hair is not processed to achieve a specific pattern.

Raw Indian Wavy Hair can be blow-dried or flat-ironed to achieve a sleek, bone-straight look. You can also enhance the wave pattern and wear our Raw Indian Wavy Hair in it’s natural state by allowing hair to air dry after washing.

Use a curling-iron or roller-set for lush, voluminous styles and gorgeous curls; the possibilities are endless!!! Our hair can also be colored, permed, or treated with anything you would normally do to hair.

Raw Indian Wavy Hair is available in the natural color of the donors hair. Colors range from light natural brown to dark brown and sometimes jet black. Since our hair bundles are not processed at all, the hair can easily be tinted, dyed or bleached to achieve your ideal look.

Wavy Hair Special Notes and Tips:

Temple Hair Wear’s Raw Indian Wavy is hair that is naturally wavy in texture; wave patterns may vary slightly from bundle to bundle however blends together  flawlessly once installed.

To make waves pop allow hair to air dry and “scrunch” hair occasionally.

Minimal styling product use is recommended; We recommend using the Charu Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner and style with the Charu Amplifying Foam.

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